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New brake lines

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Just fitted new brake lines. Look much better


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Looks like MNNTHBX is about to release a quality set.
I just put shadow series goodridge brake lines on they significantly increased stoping power and I just bought the lines and fittings and built my own for about 100 bucks for both front and rear. I can post a parts list tommorow ,i need to get the invoices and discreptions .
Id like to see a HOW TO on this with photos and all but mostly just for interest. I kind of doubt I would trust my skills to build brake lines. I will probably stick to buying some.
Rick , " You Can Do it......."
Maybe. I build and installed EVERYthing on my jeep except the brake lines. Did not feel comfortable bleeding a vehicle with four wheels although I have replaced the lines on several bikes with no problems. Actually crimping banjo joints etc.... mmmm no too sure about that.

Custom line with all Earls components would be SWEET though.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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