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New 2023 US Honda Monkey Models Officially Announced

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Tire Wheel Land vehicle Fuel tank Vehicle

Tire Land vehicle Wheel Fuel tank Motorcycle

I was the first customer that put money down for a 5 speed 2022 Honda Monkey in April and my dealer never got a single one in this year and I couldn't be happier. I think I'm going to drop by my dealer tomorrow and say I'll happily wait for the 2023 Version now that this Plaid version dropped. Pearl Nebula Red Please!!!!

Back to the color matched frame, forks, swingarm, and rear springs for 2023.
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Honda has just quietly announced the 2023 US Spec Monkey offerings on the US website

The new pics show the turn indicators we are accustomed to seeing in the US
Tire Fuel tank Wheel Automotive tail & brake light Automotive fuel system

Tire Fuel tank Wheel Vehicle Automotive fuel system

Only the ABS version of the Banana Yellow and Pearl Nebula Red are being offered in the US for 2023

MSRP $4249.00
Destination $200.00
Freight $100.00

A $50.00 rise in MSRP cost over the 2022 model

Interestingly with the gas tanks being offered with the inversions of Silver/White and White/Silver - when colors are referred to it's the frame color acting as the differentiator, not the gas tank on these particular models

I like the Pearl Red frame with white tank model personally as the fork color matches better with the frame color. I think adding color to the tank here would be a little too much over doing it considering the eye-catching seat top being red also. In my opinion the white tank presents nicely as the adorable jewel that it is and draws the eye to the frame color more so here and makes it stand out.

Last ride I took on my 4-speed Pearl Red 19 Monkey I was thinking about knee pads for the gas tank for the 23 and realized my knees weren't coming in contact with the tank. And when I pressed my knees against the tank I realized the pads would have to be too close to the round Honda badge logo and placing them where they would functionally need to be probably wouldn't look so good. So a pass on that idea for me. Naked tank all the way.

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The 23 Monkey's look fugly. I still think my 20 blue monkey is the best looking.
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LOL, everyone likes different things, and that's ok. I like the all black model too but the new red one remains my top pick over all 😁
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I'm all over that Plaid Red. I'm hoping the local dealer will call me back with good news. I now need to put my DRZ SM up for sale.

Chim, what makes the 4 speed better than the 5 speed?
Not a Monkey but I have a 2014 4-speed Grom I put 6000 miles on years ago. Then I bought a 2022 5-speed Grom last year and BAM! ...I realized I was having way more fun racing around with the 5-speed gear box. So much so, I bought 2 more 22 5-speed Groms and modified and dressed them all up differently. I've put on over 16,000 miles between my 3 2022 5-speed Groms as of right now. The 5-speed makes a definitive fun factor difference. No one is going to convince me otherwise. I still ride the 4-speed Grom every blue moon and I will just say, the 5-speed Groms have me rather spoiled at this point.

I like the classy white gas tank on the 5-speed red Monkey, it makes the rest of the bike's frame color and matched red parts ...POP! The plaid red seat top is just icing on the cake.

My 4-speed Monkey will not be happy when I get my hands on the 5-speed Monkey model. :ROFLMAO:
If the 2022's were hard to find, I'm thinking the Red 2023 will be that much harder. I called 5 to 6 dealers around the country with no luck. They all took my name and number.
What's the best way to grab up one of these?
I always put down a $100.00 with a few dealers the moment a model I want leaks. I did that with the Dax and I don't even know when that model is going to be offered in the US, if ever. That puts me first on the list when the dealer eventually gets one.

It's easy to get the 100 back if I change my mind or go in a different direction because it's a small amount.

No dealer has ever refused my deposit. It's a strategy that has worked for me with the Trail and my 22 Groms. No luck so far on the 5-speed monkey though. That model is like a Unicorn.
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A very short live glimpse of the 2023 Red Plaid Monkey at EICMA 2022 along with the ST125 Dax at the Mini Moto area

This is the only video I've run across showing the new 2023 Monkey. Through out the video this English speaking fellow shares the sheer immensity of the Honda space at the show with a very quick run through with everything Honda brought. Oddly, the Trail 125 seems to be missing from the Mini Moto offerings

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Sure wish I could ride mine!
Sure wish my dealer could get one! 😂
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Best of luck. I called 10 to 12 dealers that I was willing to drive to. Only received 2 phone calls back. So thankful that one of them was only an hour away. There may be a dealer in a small town that don't know what to do with the ones they got.
I enjoy reading about you guys that have got yours. I'm confident my dealer will get at least one this year and I'm in no hurry as I have plenty of little bikes to goof around with meanwhile. If it was my only bike I'd be searching enthusiastically. So I'm apt to wait on my local dealer I have a relationship with, as they don't play games with pricing and I've had money down for the first 5-speed since last April.
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