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Nelson Rigg sells the small tank bag Model CL-1010. I bought one over Christmas Holiday and just got around to taking a few photos.

Here is my review:

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In order to make it work for me, I removed the carry handle by removing the stitching. With the handle removed, there was no evidence that there ever was a handle. I installed it with the missing carry handle side forward so the zippers face me. With the carry handle in place, it was too bunched up at the handlebar clamps. I chose not to mount it as shown on the sales flyer because it made access too difficult by having the zippers up front at the clamps. This would be a perfect bag for the Grom if it came without the carry handle and the zippers allowed the bag to be mounted as shown on the sales flyer but still have the bag open from the rider side.

This bike is small, and the handlebars hit the bag when turning sharply - something I was not expecting but not too big a deal, only when parking. A full bag will make this worse.

The bag is well built and will suit my needs. This little bag gives me a place to carry some things too bulky to fit in my jacket. I don't do back packs. If I need more room than this bag will provide, I take my Versys which has hard luggage.

The tank bag comfortably holds three 12 oz soda cans with a little more room to spare, but not much. I could easily carry home a 6" Subway sub and a bag of chips or anything of similar size.

Overall, very pleased!

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