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Hello I need help finishing up my grom with recommendations with parts I need that would make good power with still being reliable. I know I need a different size head to match the koso 34mm intake manifold any recommendations?

Here’s what’s done so far

-Koso High-Flow Oil Pump
-Koso Heavy duty clutch kit
-Koso 60% stiffer springs
-Drowsports Heavy Duty Billet Clutch Spring Lifter Plate
-Kitaco clutch cover kit
-DROWsports Carbon Fiber Air Intake 34mm
-Aracer rc mini x
-Aracer AF2 wideband tuner
-Koso 34mm intake manifold
-Koso 34mm throttle body
-Koso Fuel Injector Adapter Kit

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I remember watching a video from Hard Racing where he mentions the 181 kit is the sweet spot. He mentions reliability and good power. I didn't see an oil cooler. I understand reliability is all about removing heat from the engine.
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