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Been lazy about starting my build thread cuz It's fairly basic at the moment. I've re-organized this post to have to most up-to-date info on my build. That way you wont have to sort through page after page later to find whats been done. Newest additions will be at the top.

My short term, end of summer goal for this project is to build an adventure sport grom with all the basic non-bbk mods. I want a MRA doubble bouble windscreen, G Craft luggage rack, lower bars, bar end mirrors, Brocks Aliens head 2, PCV, WB2, and a oil cooler.

How she currently sits with almost 5600 miles and a new rear tire.

6/25/2016 - Bought a H2C Luggage compartment for the grom. Back packs were hurting my back after a few hours of riding. Works well so far.

- Installed a tyga long under cowl. Repainted it and put some new screen in it. Also added some white leds inside and under for at night. Also Installed my tripage modded rear sets. Aux turn signals in them and black power coating.

5/7/2016 - The opmid gauge came in, also with a chimera intake because of a shipping mistake. Gonna pay for it on my next payday. Highest temp I saw before installing the intake was 223*f, gonna see if it goes up from being lean with the intake being installed now. The intake it pretty loud compared to the stock box. Also perfect timing for the chimera brace as the body panel mount tab on my left panel broke today also.

5/6/2016 - Blacked my starter a few days ago and then today installed some matte black fork you wraps, Thanks BlueRidge! Also threw on some cheap($30) Tusk GP handguards, bar end was the only way they'd work with stock controls.

- Got my tripage clear integrated tail light light, smoked flush mount led blinkers, led blinker relay, mnnthbx basic low plate mount and led tag bolts. Wired the tag lights in parallel to each other to the stock tag light wires. Mounting plate if made from the vagabond FE that broke on me. Gonna remove the crud tag mount later on. Really like the way it looks with the the mini fender even if its not 100% functional, still better than not having it. Can't want to get a brocks alien head 2 on it down the road. Also swapped back to the 15t to confirm my suspicion on lost speed.

Next up I'm thinking lower/narrower bars, tusk gp hand guards, opmid gauge and fork you matte black wraps.

- Installed the shift link from 247sportsales on ebay and its amazing how noticeable the difference is. Feels like I don't have to press the shifter as far as before to get it to shift now.Feels much more solid when shifting.

04/24/2016 - Finished up my splash guard I made out of the stock fender. Saw one in a pic a while back but didn't like it 100%. I like this and think It'll go well with the snail design hyper motard kit I want to eventually get.

Now to wait for my integrated tail light, relay, and smoked blinkers from HR. Also have an adjustable shift linkage on the way from 24/7sportsales on ebay. Then I just need mnnthbx basic low plate mount with led bolts to "finish" up the tail.

04/23/2016 - Had the Vagabond fender eliminator break on me :/ happened while slowly "off roading". Vagabond refunded me as I decided to go a different route with the Stealth-Grommer's tail.

04/21/2016 - Installed Ram u ball mount with large xgrip with textel webgrip, 14t and a speedo recal device. For stock vees with a 14t I used -06.6% and found it to be on the lower side of spot on. I like the low end grunt it adds but i do notice a slightly lower to speed on flat ground and lower hill climbing speed. Stock gearing I got 97.7mpg, could do 63mph tucked on a flat. 57mph sitting up on a flat, 73mph downhill. With the 14t ???MPG, 61mph tucked on flat, 55mph sitting up, and 69mph downhill.

04/18/2016 - Painted the red side circles with some matte black "bumper coater" paint.

04/01/2016 - Peeled all the stickers on the bike and removed front reflectors.

03/19/2016 (340 miles)- Installed the Kitaco clutch cover, Takegawa high flow oil pump, outlaw racing magnetic drain plug and a vagabond fender eliminator.

Didn't find much metal in the oil, only 3 flakes and a good amount of sealant.

I also torqued my pass-thru-nut a little differently then I've seen in some tutorials so I'll show it. Didn't like the idea of torquing on the crank.

Here's the fitment of the drain plug, for anyone curious.

Here she is after installing that little package. Notice the improved throttle response and quicker reving right away. Helped acceleration and top speed a bit. Removed ram mount as it was way too high up and looked goofy.

03/15/2016 - Tucked the horn and mounted my ram large xgrip with my under mirror ball mount. Seems a bit too high for my taste. Also theres the 50cc 2stroke kymco scooter that the grom replaced.

03/09/2016 - Got approved for financing and pick up that night from G Force Powersports in Boulder Colorado. $3900 OTD. Rode my first 15 miles at 9pm. Enjoyed the crap out of it. Headlight doesn't seem as bad as everyone says, just need to re-aim it.

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