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My first 25k ride - my thoughts.

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I took my Grom out for my first ever ride to get the butterflies out of my system, it was a fun :) 25 km ride and my thoughts are...

1. These stock mirrors are garbage... I just ordered some new ones from Webike.

2. Rear brakes are junk! I am not sure if they just need to be worked in but you had to jam the pedal down to stop.

3. My clutch feels way out there on the friction zone.. I would like to adjust it and also get new adj. levers.

4. My throttle needs to be adjusted as well, seems there is a bit of play almost 1/4" to 3/8" - I would like it bang on for instant GO!

Otherwise... I can't wait for my next ride.

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Btw, you do know rear brake are NOT your primary brakes?

What... you are joking right. fronts are to dangerous i only use my rear brakes. :)
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