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My first 100 miles with Gromit.

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From 4:30pm yesterday 'til right now (9:30pm), I have put exactly 100 miles on the Grom and I couldn't be happier with its style, performance, and persona.

First, I must say that my Grom addiction came on quickly... I saw one online, I had to have it, and 4 days later I was lucky enough to find one IN STOCK at a local dealer. I went down, sat on it, and bought it without much hesitation at all. It did take me a second to decide on the red (I liked the black better) but Honda and red just work great together, so it wasn't a big deal at all.

It didn't take me long to buy it and by 4:30pm yesterday afternoon (8/28/13), the Grom was all mine. Pulled out of the dealership and went wide open throttle to 8500rpm for 4 gears. And then rode it from Tampa to St. Pete to meet up with the Ruckus crew that we ride with (SSBC/FRR) on Wednesday nights. This ride was a mix of city stop-and-go from block to block, open road WOT cruising for great lengths at a time, and bar hopping. We went from a big bike show, where several people stopped to talk about the Grom, to downtown St. Pete for some food and cruising. So, the Grom really saw every type of riding condition, and did great with everything.

It's just So. Much. Fun. To. Ride. And shifting gears is a blast, too. The power is good and comes on strong almost everywhere. Cruising at 4500ish, you can punch it and move around traffic or along side the pack without any issue at all. The riding position is perfect, although the seat is a bit uncomfortable after an hour or so... But, it's not a deal breaker. The digital tach is really nice and I also enjoy having a clock without having to pull out my phone. The exhaust is very quiet, but I actually really like that for stealthy riding at night. I just got back from a cruise around town and it's great to enjoy the road without having to worry about too much noise and nonsense. That said, I'll eventually put an exhaust on it.

If you're fast on the clutch it WILL wheelie, which I found out while trying to roll against a couple of GY6 Rucks from a dig. That was a surprise. From a roll, it'll hang right with nicely modded Rucks, although they just take off so fast due to the single gear advantage. With a good rider (ie, not me) this wouldn't be as big of an issue.

Speaking of a Ruckus, if you're coming from one and looking for a comparison, well, there is simply no comparison at all. And, more importantly, there needn't be. The Grom is as different from a Ruckus as an off shore race boat is from a center console fishing boat. They both serve completely different purposes and they both do so in the best way possible! Where the Ruckus is for low and slow cruiing with your buddies, the Grom is perfect for shooting around town and having a blast. You don't have to worry about bumps in the road (or curbs for that matter, LOL) and you can just focus on the ride. It's nimble, fast, fun, and worry free.

Some specs:

Rider: 5'10" and 175lbs
Top Speed: Sitting up, this thing will do 55 EASY. Tucked on the Gandy bridge, it will cruise 60. Tucked with a little bit of a draft, 64mph top speed.
Mileage: 100 miles was exactly 1 gallon of gas, which was very surprising considering how hard a rode this thing. There was NO break-in period... This was WOT and through town from mile one.
Looks: I love the way it looks and so do a lot of other people. I had two people stop me in traffic to ask what it was, and had several people at the bike show stop by to admire it. In fact, when I went to insure it today, a guy was in the middle of taking pictures of it parked in the lot. He loved it!
Fun: The fun factor is off the scale. It's every bit as good as I thought it would be and more.

Really, my biggest concern with buying the Grom was that it would feel cheap or somehow be less fun to ride than I anticipated. But, I can tell you now, that this bike is built solid and really rides well. For a 125, it has no problem getting up to speed, but the EFI 4-stroke is smooth and spot on. Honda really did a great job with the engine and suspension. The quality is typical Honda, and the fit and finish is also very nice.

So, yeah, that's my first 100 miles. Can't wait to check in at 1000!

TL;DR - Go buy one, you won't regret it!
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I would get that oil changed soon since you did a hard break-in.
And then rode it from Tampa to St. Pete to meet up with the Ruckus crew that we ride with (SSBC/FRR) on Wednesday nights.
Sweet so you're in the Tampa area, Keith and Jay were trying to get me to head out there last night but I didn't feel like making the trip.. Good to know there's a west coast grommer I can meet upwith
Hell yeah man, we should get a little Grom ride together. KOK isn't a fan but the Ninjas, Jay, and Abolish liked it.
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Meh KOK is just afraid he might loose one of his precious trophies to one :crazy:

do you plan on coming out to the cocoa ride on the 7th?

also if you're on fb search Florida Grom Riders, we have a handful of locals on there.. Makes it easier to keep in touch for rides
Nice review man, really enjoyed reading. Cant wait for your 1000 mile check in. Maybe even another review sooner would be cool!!!
Nice review man, really enjoyed reading. Cant wait for your 1000 mile check in. Maybe even another review sooner would be cool!!!
Glad you liked it! I'll drop in at 250 and 500 to keep everyone up to speed. Long live the GROM!
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