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My Custom Built Rear Shock From Cogent Dynamics

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I got my Grom a week ago today and the first thing I did was remove the shock and send it to CD. They "dyno ed" it today and called me with the results. I get back spasms from too stiff a suspension and CDs task is to build me a shock with enough cush in it so that doesnt happen. Kind of like that in my Honda ST1300. A tall order! No suprise they say the shock is stiff and has only an inch or so of travel. They may find it necessary to have a spring wound specially for it.

Needless to say there is a lot riding on this. I will have to sell the bike if this doesnt work. Or ride it once a week or something. From talking to Rick the owner it does appear he knows what he is talking about. He is very customer friendly. He reworks and builds forks and shocks for a living. Not to make this sound like an advert for him but if you wanted to have your suspension components improved you would do well to give him a chance to get your business.

It looks like it will be a couple of weeks before I have the shock in hand so stay tuned!
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Good luck and i hope you find a comfortable solution so you can ride your Grom everyday. I suffer from a bad back and understand what your going through.
Rick is awesome. Been dealing with him for years. Old school kinda guy. Doesnt really do email and prefers simply using the phone. Definitely knows his stuff for all kinds of bikes too. He will get it dialed in for you.
You wouldn't happen to know the stock shock length, eye to eye, would you?
Its 245-250mm depending if you're cross eyed or not.
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