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I have received my PCV and WB2 and going to install my BBK this weekend.

* Question: Since this will be completed all at once, do I need to get a map loaded into the PCV ASAP? obviously, I get a map that is close to my BBK specs?
I plan to do a heat cycle on the engine for 10/15 min. and cool down after once I install the BBK with a few fans around the engine to keep the heat down before I ride the bike.

Also, I plan to double check my piston / valves prior to bolting it all on the bike.

* Do I need to torque it all down or hand tighten the head etc make sure all is at TDC and rotate and hear if all is safe? I do not plan to install the piston rings in the bore just incase I have to do any additional work.

If all checks in successfully I will do a final complete install.


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Break-in procedures have a million different opinions, but here's mine:

Mineral oil for break-in - OEM weight or weight specified by BBK kit.
Break it in like you'll ride it, and apply plenty of engine braking.
Vary RPM + throttle (no rush hour stop and go and no cruise on the freeway).
Limit throttle and RPM a bit for 20 miles, then again at a higher limit til 40 miles. Most ring break-in occurs in the first 10 miles or less. Go nuts after 40 miles.
Change the oil after 100 miles or so.

Broken in countless motors in my life, and the only one I ever had issues with early ring wear was a Toyota 3SGTE motor I did the whole heat-cycle BS on. I will never, EVER let my break-in consist of heat cycling at idle again. It was losing 2 qt between oil changes after only 20k miles on a full rebuild with resurfaced head and all..

Obviously, letting the oil warm up a bit before riding is totally different from heat cycling. Forget about fans around the motor - that's silly. Just monitor oil temp. and make sure you're not getting too high.

Try to load a base map into the PCV if you can obtain one.

You confused me once you hit the double-check your valves/piston stuff. You need to set valve clearance. You also should gap the rings, then install them. I don't know why you'd put the piston down the cylinder without them. Are you expecting piston/valve contact? Running an unusual BBK + cam setup?

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After BBK and PCV kit install you have just to fire up the engine.

aand.... without cooking the bike... just ride it like it's new.....


There is nothing about

cooking new engine for 15 minutes
or similar weird stuff, just ride it as you ride a new vehicle, open throttle soflty and in a progressive manner, be gently

use full synth oil as mama Kitaco indicates in their technical sheets

change oil after 500 kms and you're done.

In my break in oil I had just found some peces of liquid gasket I used to seal crank.

Good luck......
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