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MSX Ideas......What should I do with my GROM?

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... ride it.
Paint it sliver/grey with airbrushed rivets and a shark mouth like a P51 Mustang.
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While under warranty I won't do anything. After that, and IF the suspension handles well and it looks like it can handle more top end without going squirrely, I will consider trying to get a top speed of 85 mph (a real 80 mph) out of it with whatever that takes...Power Commander, exhaust, big bore, different sprocket. By that time there should be many right here on this forum who can describe exactly what's involved. No hurry. I have a Gixxer 1000 race bike that I ride every day, and the Zero S goes 95mph, so I'm not itching for anything other than the speed limit on I-35 with a little left over. By the way, we have toll roads with a speed limit of 85mph in Texas but you have to dodge the wild hogs.
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The good thing about this bike and this forum is your options are as vast as your imagination. There isn't much you can't do as long as you have the money and time. I am keeping mine stock except for the tires and maybe an exhaust until I see what others do with theirs and then I will take bits and pieces from others that I like and make mine the way I like it.
I know two things. I'm either going retro colors OR red with gold wheels, or white with gold wheels.
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