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MSX 125 in Thailand

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Friends dont let friends buy fake ass yosh "rs-5" dual outlet pipe , but cool ideads with color ways and. I like how sum of thehave grom stickers. L instead of msx125
Welcome to the forum Picksky. Can't believe how modded this bike is already.
Thanks for the links. Digin the blue for sure. And it's interesting how many people relocated their stock exhaust.. Personally I think it's too big no matter where it is.
There's an older review of the MSX125 by Wes Siler who says the bike gets 130 mpg (US). I guess that's claimed rather than real-world, but I think we are looking at perhaps 100 mpg with the bike which would make it a fantastic commuter.
Love the blue
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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