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Honda GROM MX 125 4-Position Adjustable Rear Sets (2012+)

Great item & quick shipping.

Wouldn't hesitate to buy from again!
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Long story short, they sell cheap sh*t.

Ok, since I first got these rear sets, and intstalled them October of 2013.. They looked good, in their sale page said they were "Made in Italy, Sold in USA" not exactly quoted, but I remember it saying it wasn't made in China at the time.. It was right when the GROM was released out here in the USA, and cool, seeing a company selling what was said to be quality parts since I figured they developed parts for the MSX in other countries, for not too bad of a price. Good stuff, I'll go for it. First day installing them, passenger pegs bolted up, I stepped on it, flexed way too much, wouldn't want anyone to place their feet on them, even mine if I were to rest my feet. Kept the Passenger peg assembly off. Also felt the shifting lever when using it was sloppy, but thought maybe one of the bushings wasnt right yet, so I didn't mind it. It hasn't been any better since.

After riding on them for 9 months or so, I notice one side of my foot peg was not centered, the bolt was bent, emailed motovationUSA with details. Responded within the week, and said "Not good! Will send a replacement right away" (pretty much) I got the bolt in the mail soon, but while looking at the rear set closer, I've noticed a good sized crack in the rear set, where the rear set mounting holes are.

Emailed them right away, and since then, have not heard a word. It has been over a year, and I haven't ridden my bike with 100% confidence since then. Looking to buy new rear sets, but from my experience with them after a year, yes they were good for replacing one bolt when I noticed it was bad, but after that when I found a larger issue, they disapeared, will never buy from again. Also found the same rear set on their page for half or a good percentage off several months ago, then now saw it removed completely. So they sold a piece that was supposedly and looked "CNC" but was actually cast aluminum, and milled, cheap sh*t, flimsy everywhere. Then never looking back to reimburse their customers if it broke or had any bigger issues.
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can a mod please remove the smiley from the title, and add a middle finger. Thanks.
Point of order - CNC doesn't mean 'from billet'. In fact a large part of the CNC parts you get now and cast parts milled for a nicer finish and no casting lines. You won't know until it breaks.
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Tried to make an order for my MV using MotovationUSA. Did not go very well at all. Won't try again.
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