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most common bolts to vibrate loose?

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Just like the title says. What's your experience? This will be good to know so we can pay special attention to certain bolts instead of going over the whole bike every time. I only have 60 miles on her and so far every thing is tight. What's the common bolts/nuts?
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Everything has stayed tight on mine as well.

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One habit I have learned over the years is to do a "pre-flight" check on my bike as it warms up and I put my helmet and gloves on. I just walk around it and look at axle bolts and nuts and chain adjuster nuts and various bits and pieces. It is easier for me to see that they are loose when the engine is running and the bike is vibrating a bit. I also check the turn signals and F&R brake switches.

Over the years I have found a few loose nuts and a bad brake switch.
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