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Names Mike. Trying to get my hands on a Grom . I've been riding since I turned 16, now 22. Haven't owned a "real" bike in two years, but I daily drive a modified moped that goes 50mph for my short commute to work.

Bike will be a daily rider and will probably put over 7500 miles on it a year.

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Good luck finding one in the new Year 2014 for the first couple of months it will be hard to find one for a decent price unless you find some Grom owner who needs the cash and is willing to off load their Grom used for around $3,000-$3,200 would be a good price if the mileage is under 500 miles on the ODM.

Mods are a plus if done right

Now if you are going NEW I would get a list of all the dealers with in a 100 miles from your home, make a print out of the dealers and start calling them and asking them these questions

When are they going to get the new 2014 Groms in?

Is there a waiting List and if so how long is the waiting list?

What is the sticker price, and what is the OTD price?

Ask them what fees are you going to be charged for? It should be SETUP FEE, DMV FEE, Haz Waste FEE on tires, Your Local Sales tax and any other FEES that they feel they can charge.

Normal Northern Calif Price OTD should be between $3,800- $3950, anything over is beyond profit for the sales person.
LAST Year OTD price in Northern Calif was $3,600 OTD

Remember this the Grom is made in Thailand and in Thailand the Grom is called the MSX-125 and they pay $2,300 US OTD so go figure on price diff,

Good Luck in your Quest. I was told by summer time the Flood gates will open up for the Grom motorcycle and every dealer will have enough to sell.
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