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So i checked today what parts from the new monkey could be used in the grom and i found those so far:
- clutch cover. If you want the kitaco cover only for the sight glass, the monkey cover has it and can be installed in the grom engine.
- front suspension protectors. If you dont want to use the front fender in your grom but want something to cover the front suspension from being knick by little stones or so, the monkey fork protectors fit bolt on.
-black front suspension. If you want to change the gold colour of your front fork, but dont want to wrap it, paint it or send it to anodize, the front suspension legs in the monkey come already black anodized.
-rear sets. If you want to have Rear sets without passenger pegs and dont want to compromise confort oem position the monkey pegs can be fittet. Also they come in black colour.

I'll be checking next days what other monkey parts could be installed in the grom to have more custom options.

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1 - 3 of 15 Posts