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I am selling my Takegawa RS Sports Exhaust. Bottom line was that I prefer the look of the stock exhaust and wanted something closer to the stock sound. While not obnoxiously loud, I prefer slightly less volume.

Less than 200 miles run time, no major blemishes other than on the back side where some paint rubbed off while I was fitting the inner side panel behind the muffler. That side panel is included and simply mounts using the two points of attachment for the muffler and one zip tie as pictured. I have trimmed, massaged, and clearanced the panel so there is no contact with the exhaust and thus no rattles. It looks awesome!

Everything you see on the blanket is included, including a brand new exhaust manifold gasket. There is also a small aluminum strip I made to fit between the heat shields to prevent your pant legs slipping in between and melting on the header pipe. I did all of the R&D and was the guinea pig for this exhaust.

I paid $390 for the exhaust + $60 for the side panel = $450. Will sell for $300 shipped within the US. PM your e-mail address and I will send you an invoice via Paypal.

Here is a link to a sound clip:

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takegawa1.JPG takegawa2.JPG takegawa3.JPG takegawa4.JPG takegawa7.JPG takegawa8.JPG takegawa9.JPG takegawa10.JPG takegawa11.JPG takegawa12.JPG
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