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Money Pit 181 Build and Plan Thread

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This is a planning and project thread for my project bike that is already pretty overbuilt turned-up grom. This thread is the documentation starting from version two, as I did not document version one.

Here is the current state
Disassembled as of Dec 2022:
Tire Wheel Automotive lighting Automotive tire Vehicle
Tire Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive lighting

  • 2020 Honda MSX starting point
  • Protaper KLX 110
  • Domino Grips and universal throttle (Will need adjustment and the ends soldered)
  • Two Motogadget 3 button bar controls wired through the bar
  • Koso DB-03r Dash
  • Womet 2 finger levers
  • Stock hydraulic brake cylinder
  • Takegawa hydraulic clutch cylinder
  • Venhil Steal braided brake lines
  • Stock triple tree
  • Custom triple bar STEDI light array (needs to be redesigned as the eBay braces are not appropriately angled)
  • Motogadget front signals (need to be remounted when the bracket is rebuilt)
  • Racing Bros adjustable front fork shock system
  • Racing Bros external reservoir rear shock (Paint had some rust and flaking issues. Working with the dealer to replace within warranty)
  • Corbin custom raised grom seat
  • TST tail plate and integrated tail light
  • Anti-Gravity Battery
  • Custom loom hand built (there were some major issues with this v1 loom which will be remediated in future versions)
    • ECU reset button
    • tracker wired in
    • ABS Delete
    • DoctorSpeed Spedo healer (This may be getting replaced as the dash has a speedo healer, and the ABS has been deleted)
    • Underglow light pods
    • Complete AC circuit delete
  • Mototgadget M-Unit (used for controlling large parts of the loom in v1, v2 loom will be limited to ignition and lighting only running it's on a separately built loom)
  • Dynojet PowerCommander V EFI Piggyback (this is being replaced with the Microsquirt)
  • Dynojet Wideband 2 O2 Controller (This may be getting reused if compatible with Microsquirt but will likely be replaced with something more compact and lower power draw)
  • Dynojet AFR gauge (will be replaced along with the controller if necessary)
  • Takegawa Oil Catch Can
  • Digerbuilt titanium 34 Race Intake and high-flow air filter
  • 34mm Big throttle body
  • Kitaco 181cc NEO 2v
  • Takegawa Super Cam Chain Tensioner
  • Takegawa Oil Pump Upgrade (Doesn't have the wheelie oil snorkel)
  • Upgraded Stator from Steady Garage
  • Takegawa 5 Speed TAF Close Ratio gearbox
  • Takegawa Slipper Clutch
  • SMR 6 Disc Clutch
  • Kitaco 60% Clutch Springs (yes, heavy springs and a slipper clutch, it needs to be dialed in, but downshifts are smoother while the clutch bites hard on acceleration)
  • Takegawa hydraulic clutch cover (spinner delete, filter add)
  • GCraft Tank less Kit rear brake tank
  • TYGA Rear Sets (These may get replaced I don't really like their design)
  • Yoshimura RS-07 titanium exhaust and header (O2 bung added identifying that the header pipe is not Ti)
  • Upgraded sprockets and chain (these will be getting replaced with this build)
  • Billet chain adjusters (these will be getting removed and sent to my bike in Thailand)
  • GCraft Engine Plate
  • Dingerbuilt ceramic bearings (only the fronts and the rears blew out and did damage to my rear wheel. It's unclear if this was related to a baring defect or installation issue)
  • Michelin Power Pure tires
What I learned
  • Wiring is hard.
  • Good wiring is VERY HARD.
  • Running a piggyback ECU modulator works but is very fiddly. I spent most of summer 2022 constantly trying to fix my tune.
  • The groms are VERY limited on spare battery power.
  • Almost all of my parts worked together, but anything touching the loom was a bad day. I considered returning to a stock loom, but ultimately, there were too many changes.
  • Grom Stators are two wire which makes playing with that system hard. I recommend using the stock Reg/Rec, as I have yet to identify a DC-only Reg/Rec that works with the grom stator.

What's Coming In Version Two
  • G-craft Big Triple square frame
  • G-craft Single Sided Swing Arm
  • G-craft Aluminium Side Stand
  • G-craft Side Stand Holder
  • ShiftUp Rear Brake Disc
  • Kitaco 32T Rear Sprocket
  • Loom V2 (More details on this to come)
    • Seperate Lighting and EFI Looms
    • MicroSquirt Speeduino Teensy 4.1 with custom board design
    • Active AC -> DC Rectifier (Design schematics to come)
      • Buck/Boost converter on custom board (Design schematics to come)
    • Wideband Controler (I need to identify a low draw controler) This may get built into the ECU boards
    • Connect up digital speed on KOSO to front wheel sensor if possible
  • (optional) Brembo brakes
  • (optional) Brembo radial mastercylinder (might get two for the clutch)
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Loom V2
  • Main Power
    • Tracker
    • Starter motor
    • Ignition coil
    • Battery
  • Loom Backbone
    • Dash Loom
    • Intake Air Temp Sensor
    • Engine Oil Sensor
    • Microsquirt
    • Wideband O2 controler
    • Fast idle solenoid valve switch
    • Throttle position sensor
    • Fuel pump
    • Rear brake switch
    • Fuel level sensor
    • Fuel injector
    • Starter motor
    • Ignition coil trigger
    • RPM sensor
    • Microsquirt programming port
    • Horn
    • Kickstand cutoff
    • Brake Light
    • Running Light
    • Turn L
    • Turn R
  • Dash Loom
    • Headlights
    • Turn L
    • Turn R
    • High beam
    • Ground
    • Button cluster inputs
      • Start button
      • Kill switch
    • Speed sensor input frontwheel (If it will work)
    • Brake switch
    • Clutch switch
    • Dash Plug
      • RPM Output
      • EODB Light (Check Engine)
      • Turn L
      • Turn R
      • High beam
      • Neutral light
      • Speed sensor output
      • Oil temp sensor output
      • Fuel gauge output.
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What levers did you find to fit the takegawa clutch MC? Womet? If so, what model?
What levers did you find to fit the takegawa clutch MC? Womet? If so, what model?
It's a swap, takegawa has an adjustable hydraulic clutch lever that has the same base as the WOMET-TECH shorties (LCB52E-BK) ones.

I just swiped the shiny side with the right base to match the master cylinder. I believe the Takegawa part number is 02-01-0062 but my Japanese is based on google translate.
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So you bought this takegawa lever

Cable Wire Composite material Auto part Fashion accessory

And just swapped the long lever portion for the shorty portion from the womet set?
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Yep, though the one I got from takegawa didn't have the foldable section. (I think the foldable one costs more)
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Status Update:
Have the frame and swing arm. Thanks to Ben's Bikes! (BENS BIKES RACING) need to get the wheel pulled off and start in on that side to get the frame balanced. then I can start in on measuring for the electrical. lot of the bolts are still finger tight as well.
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Automotive lighting Vehicle
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