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I guess I should put together a build thread for my Grom. I picked it up used with 600 miles a few months back. Around 900 miles now. Originally came in black, I purchased the red, white, yellow and blue bodywork so I can switch it up when I feel like it.

Finally got around to installing the MNNTHBX fender eliminator, rear rack, Yoshimura full exhaust, K&N air filter (removed airbox), MNNTHBX shroud brace, Ohlins rear shock and yellow bodywork.

Still need to do mirrors, front turn signals, rearsets, front forks, and big bore kit. :cool2:

Some pics:


Exhaust Installed:

Fender eliminator, rack, intake, rear shock, yellow bodywork:

More to come...

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Love the yellow. Where'd did you get the body panels? I scratched mine trying to make some adjustments. :(
I got them from You need the part #'s to order:

Cover L Side: 83540-K26-900ZA 30.00E
Cover R Side: 83530-K26-900ZA 31.00E
Cowl, L, RR.: N/A (uses black part #77225-K26-900ZA)
Cowl, R, RR.: N/A (uses black part #77215-K26-900ZA)
Cowl, Center RR: N/A (uses black part #77230-K26-900ZA)
Shroud, L: 83490-K26-900ZA 31.00E
Shroud, R: 83480-K26-900ZA 31.00E
Fender, Front: 61100-K26-900ZA 75.50E
Decal "Honda": N/A (uses black part #86101-K26-900ZB)
Decal R Wing: 86201-K26-900ZA 2.00E
Decal L Wing: 86202-K26-900ZA 1.50E
Decal MSX125 (qty 2): N/A (uses black part #86771-K26-900ZB)
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