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MNNTHBX's mule (page 1 update)

Updated, as I pretty much have this bike complete per my own goals, which are performance and function first. Achieving this with nearly all made in the USA products is a plus to me. Feel free to ask anything about this set-up or the sums of its parts, as I enjoy sharing what I've learned...

Chassis / Handling
This is the soul of this bike. I will claim without hesitation, this is THE best handling Grom on earth. It rides extremely flat and claws for traction. It's nearly 30lbs lighter than a stock Grom, and a good portion of that is unsprung weight. My above average, but certainly not world class riding ability is the limiting factor for what this bike will now do...

- MNNTHBX / CARD fork & triples
- MNNTHBX / CARD shock
- MNNTHBX damper mount
- Scotts steering damper
- MNNTHBX oversized bar mount
- Renthal RC high bend bars
- BST carbon fiber wheels
- Ceramic wheel bearings
- Michelin Pilot Pure tires
- Spiegler braided stainless brake lines
- Galfer rotors

My goal here was to find a solid, stone reliable performance gain without sacrificing any amount of reliability. This is a simple, all USA made package that performs far better that a stock motor.

- MNNTHBX underbody exhaust
- Bazzaz ZFi
- Bazzaz Z AFM
- DCR cam
- K&N filter & Outerwear

Other bits
- G2 billet quick turn throttle tube
- MNNTHBX rearsets
- LSL race pegs
- MNNTHBX shroud brace
- Driven bar end mirrors
- Pazzo levers
- Rizoma front signals
- MNNTHBX signal mounts
- MNNTHBX fender eliminator
- MNNTHBX faux frame
- MNNTHBX tappet covers
- CV4 lithium battery

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Thanks! Are these the same bars that you had in the pics on Facebook, as I could have swore you mentioned kx450f bend. Do you have any issues since they appear to be wider than factory?
Can't wait for the exhaust and to place a order for one of everything!
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