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MNNTHBX Underbody Exhaust 0Miles $350 Shipped Composimo 2.5 Rear Billet Link $65 Ship

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My Bike is lowered 2" in the front, 6" in the back, this exhaust although I hoped would clear, it does not. I even went back to the new 2.5" billet drop on the back with Composimo's bracket and was then running into problems again with the kickstand. I'd need another stock one to work... but I liked my bike at the 6" rear drop, and I decided to just go back with that. So if you are or will go 2.5" in the back, and want a pretty sick ass Exhaust, I'm saving you $15.

The exhaust at presale was $365 shipped. but now that its no longer a presale its $365+ shipping... I'm selling mine, new with 0 Miles, for $350 shipped.
if your looking for a deal, this is it! SOLD

Composimo 2.5" rear Lowering link $65 shipped. This is $68 from Composimo + Shipping. I'm selling mine for $65 shipped. its brand new 0 miles. I bolted it up today, and once I noticed it wasnt going to work without getting a new kickstand, I decided i'd just go back to my 6" link I already have. I already bought his new kickstand on the swingarm, so its just my best move. Save $ on shipping, and a few bucks! SOLD

Exhaust 56701 - 23082940000011520074
Rear Link 17042 - 9114901159818059289952
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has not even been started. it was mounted, and clearance issues had me remove it and bike is just sitting as of now. exhaust is reboxed and awaiting purchase.
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I Sent you the invoice PAgrom.

I'm going to try and address your questions here, in case others have the same they are answered.

Composimo's first gen links were steel, and coated matte black. for those links you had to drill into your frame and use a bolt to make it work.

The Billet design was brought back to the drawing table at Composimos lab, and he made it to where no drilling is required.

I have the 6" steel lowering link, and this 2.5" lowering link, upon checking them both out installed... I really really like the billet over the steel. it took a simple clean design to the next level and cleaner, with badging, and bling.
underpressure he got the lowering link ;)
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