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Its been awhile since I've been on the site. Selling the Grom and putting it back to stock before she goes. The parts I have available are listed below. I'll get pics posted this weekend. Prices will be firm for now.

SUP Kitaco Oil Pump - $120.00 (brand new never installed, currently a 5 person waiting list to buy from SMP)
Aracer RC Mini 5 Complete ECU - $325.00 (Approx 200 miles)
Aracer AF1 - $225.00 (Approx 200 miles)
Aracer 1 to 4 Splitter - $25.00 (Approx 200 miles)
Dinger Built Long Tube Intake w/fairing rod - $140.00 (approx 1100 miles)
Kitaco Type 1 Cam - $60.00 (brand new never installed)
Kitaco 12.2:1 High Compression Pistion - $100.00 (brand new never installed)
Grom Fatherz Crank Case Vent Cover with hose and filter - $100.00 (installed but never ran)

I might have a few more things to sell but this is the list of stuff I have so far. I'll have pics up this weekend.

Thanks guys!

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May be interested in the piston and possibly the cam. Still debating. Curious to see pics of what all you got and see if you had other things for sale!
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