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MILD "FAM" Tee - Unofficial Super Supday 2014 Shirt - Pre-Order

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The count down begins! We are about 1 month away from the official day of Killer Scooter's Super Sunday 2014 ride/rally/event (#killerss2014). After juggling some ideas and concepts, we finally

On Super Sunday, the mass amount of riders is definitely an amazing thing to witness; it's almost surreal. It goes without saying, none of it would have been possible without Respect and Unity. In honor of just that, we present our Super Sunday "Fam" tee for 2014. Pre Order today!

PRE-ORDER NOTES: Orders made before April 10th will be shipped out by April 18. For orders made between April 10th and 17th your shirt will be shipped out on the 24th. If you would like to pick up the shirts locally, please select "local pick up" shipping option. Local pick ups can be made after April 21st at our headquarter in S. El Monte, CA.


Make sure to browse the website as there are other shirts that are Grom/MSX related.

Thanks! See you all at #killerss2014
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Killer shirts. I just "blew" ALL of my toy fund on a used Ruckus. Gonna have to wait for my next paycheck before I order.
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