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I have been researching tire weights over at dennis kirk's website and noticed

Michelin Front or Rear Bopper 120/70L-12 Blackwall Tire - 69058 6lbs

Michelin Front or Rear Bopper 130/70L-12 Blackwall Tire - 82733 7lbs

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For comparison
Michelin Front Power Pure SC 120/70P-12 Blackwall Scooter Tire - 98819 6.6lbs
Michelin Rear Power Pure SC 130/70P-12 Reinforced Blackwall Scooter Tire - 98726 8.3lbs

Michelin Rear Power Pure SC 140/70P-12 Blackwall Scooter Tire - 98845 9.1lbs

Michelin Front City Grip 120/70P-12 Blackwall Scooter Tire - 25627 6.6lbs

Michelin Rear City Grip 130/70P-12 Blackwall Scooter Tire - 42331 8.05lbs

Pirelli Front Diablo 120/70-12 Blackwall Scooter Tire - 1840700 7.65lbs

Pirelli Rear Diablo 130/70P-12 Blackwall Scooter Tire - 1661200 8.55lbs

Continental Front/Rear Zippy 1 130/70-12 Blackwall Scooter Tire - TCZ1307012 7.6lbs

I tried to get the weight on the stock vee rubbers but could not find them, would be nice for comparison as well

Tire weight falls into the important category of rotational weight that has a direct impact on acceleration 0-60 times and fuel mileage Lighter tires can also be more agile allowing quicker turn in reaction. Speed Vs grip is an important factor when choosing tires.

The lightest tires of all were the maxxis off road tires at 6lbs front and 6.7 lbs rear for the 120/70 and 130/70 sizes

Would like to hear about people who have ran both the Michelin bopper and SC's A full 1.3lb lighter in the rear must have some measurable improvements in acceleration, and top speed even if minimal or only 1-2mph in top speed difference
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