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Hi all,

Now that 90% of the parts for my first phase have been ordered I thought I'll start by creating my build thread.
2th phase will mainly be engine related upgrade but as it's winter in Belgium I'm waiting for spring so temperature rises a bit :)
Been active in the mini 4-stroke world for around 10 years now and recently purchased an MSX/Grom 2th hand, was able to get it for 3/4 of retail price with only 700km (450 miles) on it.

Below some pics when I picked up the MSX, as you can see, fully stock even with all the warning stickers on.

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Below a quick overview of the ordered parts:
  • new paddock
  • CNC blinkers from KCP
  • new wheelspacers
  • takegawa oil stick
  • takegawa clutch guard
  • LPN camshaft guard
  • plasti dip (black and white)
  • tire marker
  • pirelli diablo (120 & 140/70/12)
  • protaper honda mini bars
  • led relay
  • fender eliminator
  • mnnthbx faux frame
  • progrip grips
  • Open innershrout
  • CNC foldable levers
  • underbody
  • rearstep
  • RB front and back brake disc
  • YSS shock
  • some other engine mockup
  • H2C wheel sliders
  • Wezmoto brake lines (front & back)
  • handlebar sidemirrors
  • kitaco rear light (integrated blinkers)
  • Endurance low mount exhaust
  • Himalaya white body kit
  • G-craft rear brake fluid reservoir
  • Yoko spider wheels
  • OPMID temp/volt sensor
  • other stuff (e.g. gastank breather, alu key cover, fork caps, side intake caps, tappet covers, sprocket cover, valve caps, brake cable brackets, ...)
  • and some fresh oils and fluids.

Once all the stuff arrives I'll start mounting it all up and take some pics in between, pretty annoying that i was only able to order a couple of parts in Belgium... Rest is coming from USA and Asia.
I'm not going to start yet with the parts I have else I would be taking it all apart every weekend :)

I'll also do some shop and part reviews as I've ordered from some different supporting vendors on this forum.

Any questions feel free to ask.


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So first update:

Last week been working on the MSX, have around 95% of the parts for the first phase and couldn't wait any longer.

Started out with a good wash before I started so most parts that come off are already "clean".
Afterward started tearing everything down and I was quite surprised the amount of time you put in it, been working around 15hours already on it and I believe I'm half way there.
I have to say that every part that comes of gets cleaned, wrapped and stored in boxes, so I don't just tear everything off and replace.

So what have I done for the moment:

  • repositioned horn
  • remove red shrouds
  • remove exhaust
  • remove rear fenders
  • remove seatband
  • wanted to remove the charcoal canister (but not present on the model in Belgium) also no nipple on the throttle body
  • installed new bearings on the new Yoko wheels
  • installed Pirelli Diablo tires
  • KCP CNC wheel spacers front and rear
  • new brake discs front and rear
  • Honda air valve caps
  • removed front and rear brake lines (Thanks for the feedback in the other thread)
  • small stock airbox mod
  • installed front and rear wheels
  • replaced oil fill cap with Takegawa
  • replaced clutch cover with Takegawa
  • Installed crash protection ignition cover
  • replaced Cam cover
  • replaced tappet cover
  • faux frame
  • installed the OPMID sensor
  • H2C crash bungs front and rear wheel
  • replaced flasher relay for LED flashers
  • Installed the White YSS rear shock
  • Installed rear set kit from Spyker

some pics with the progress below.

Still have a lot to do for the first part of the optical phase but will keep you posted.



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Nice Grom! How are you enjoying your Spyker Rear Sets? I have one coming in the mail tomorrow. I've also heard that we need to purchase additional hardware and shave down some parts in order for it to work. Did you have to do that?

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Nice Grom! How are you enjoying your Spyker Rear Sets? I have one coming in the mail tomorrow. I've also heard that we need to purchase additional hardware and shave down some parts in order for it to work. Did you have to do that?
Well it took me a while to figure out how to assemble and install it correctly but I didn't have to shave anything down.
What I did do was disassemble it, and apply blue locktite on these bolts, this piece is too critical to let it sit without proper fixing, test every bolt!

I haven't used it yet, probably in 2 days.
What I needed extra was:
-Added 5 washers on the bot that connects to the master cylinder
-I reused 1 washer from the swingarm bolt to fasten the 2th bolt to the frame under the swingarm bolt on the side of the brake, because the included spacer wasn't wide enough.
-2 allen key bolts to replace the OOM bottom frame bolts (under the swingarm) the head of the oem bolts is too wide so they won't fit :(

So 5 extra washers, 1 washer reused, 2 new allen key bolts and everything else was fitting perfectly.

Take your time, the products are of good quality, only thing you miss is an good manual and the right bolts and spacers included... else it would be a great product.
PS: look at images because you will have no manual...

If you need any help just let me know ;)

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Cool thanks! I have the modification instructions that I could share but you have already done a good job on yours. I will look into your washer option as well. Your Grom is looking good!

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Hi all, another update.

I think i'm done with the visual part of the upgrade.
Now I'll start thinking about the engine and see what we'll do.

Some pics included
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