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Hi all!

So after having my Grom at stock height for a number of years, I've decided I want to go another route this season.

I'm thinking I'm going to lower the front 3" and then do a 2.5" lowering link on the rear. I will likely put a small stretch on the bike as well.

For lowering the front, I'm going to go with the RacingBros Fork Lowering Kit. This kit comes with stiffer than stock springs. However, this kit also allows the use of either the Ohlins or RacingBros Cartridge kits to allow for a fully adjustable fork.

So my question is, do you guys think the cartridges are worth the extra money given that the kit will already have stiffer than stock springs? If this was a track build, I would say the cartridges would be a no brainer. However, since I'm lowering the bike I won't be taking it to the track any time soon, so I'm not sure that I need ultimate performance. Also given that I've been on stock suspension for the last four and a half years, I'm thinking maybe even just the springs will be enough of a difference?

What would you guys go with, just the springs or the full on cartridge kit?

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