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Following have been sold:

ASV levers
OEM crank with Kitaco piston and cylinder
Swingarm with bushings
Endurance catch can
Enduristan rear bag
OEM head with Yuminashi springs
US-10 Kriega bag
Kitaco tappet covers

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That looks awesome! I'm assuming it is a rally build due to the carbon fiber impact wrench mount?

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Listing all the parts - if you need it shipped, make sure it's worth my time and not like a crush washer or something...

Local to Portland, OR.

Everything is essentially brand-new, bike doesn't even have 1000 miles yet.

2018 swingarm w/ MNNTHBX bushing kit (installed)
2018 rear brake rotor
2018 front and rear brake calipers (red)
2018 factory foot peg assemblies (w/ brake switch)
2018 head (Yuminashi springs + retainers + OEM valves)
2018 4-speed gear set
2018 oil pump
2018 throttle body + intake manifold (Thai or US manifold option)
2018 crank w/ Kitaco 12.2:1 piston + matching cylinder
2018 factory piston + matching cylinder
2018 airbox w/ aftermarket performance filter
2018 handlebar

Koso 34 mm throttle airbox pipes
RAM mounts and phone mount (assorted, see image)
ROK straps (assorted, see image)
Bikers clutch and brake levers (folding adjustable - blue/orange)
Streetfighter-style mirrors (WeBike item... wasn't cheap)
Endurance lightweight flywheel (will ONLY work on OG model)
Endurance oil catch can kit
Kitaco windscreen (for SF)
UNI 2-stage foam filter (for OEM throttle)
DROW carbon intake (for OEM throttle)
Assorted tie downs - net kit, silicone tarp, silicone net
Kitaco clear bar ends
Kitaco bar end handguards
Kitaco valve covers (inc. oil cooler mount)
Sato Racing shift stabilizer (orange)
TBParts camshaft

I need the blue Bikers levers. Zip is 19090 thanks
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