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Limit intake to enrich bike?

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So I ordered a ejk because my bike was running lean after a new exhaust and removing the air box restrictions. Problem is, the ejk was lost In the mail and I'm riding on a 300 mile trip Wednesday. If I reduce the air intake by putting some tape over the intake hose would that cause the bike to run a bit richer until I get the yumi 160cc bank installed on Friday?
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With exhaust and if you are still running stock/modded intake box and not a pod filter. you should be fine. The stock ecu should/will trim the base maps within few miles .... Make sure when you start the bike & ready to take off, don't go to WOT instantly, use lower throttle positions 0-60% in closed loop to let the bike learn and trim the maps for few miles then let it rip. and you will be fine..

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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