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I am trying to get my license without having to take the safety course. It is $20 vs $210. That is my only reason for doing it this way. However, on the Tennessee website, the type licenses are as follows: Motorcycle Only (Class M) (126cc and up)
Motorcycle Secondary (In addition to a regular driving license)
Motor-Driven Cycle (Scooter) (51cc-125cc)
Motorized Bicycle (Under 50cc)

So how exactly would the Grom be classified? Is it considered a scooter for licensing application? To me it doesn't seem to be covered in any of these categories.
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I have had a motorcyle license endorsement in 3 different states and it was an endorsement to the regular driver's license. It allows the legal operation of a street legal motorcycle on the roads regardless of engine size. Did not have 4 different classifications only 1. In your state of Tn. looks like the Motorcycle Secondary is the one you need as it covers motorcycles without size of engine restrictions and is in addition to regular driver's license. The Grom is a street legal motorcycle. Some states have engine size restrictions for operation on interstate highways and I think 150cc is the threshold, so the Grom is not legal to operate on the interstate in those restrictive states. We do not have those bogus rules in Florida. Does Tn?
Why pay and take the test for an engine size restrictive license? Get the Motorcycle Secondary and you have zero restrictions to bikes engine size.
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