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LED Turns Flasher

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No reason to hack the harness!
This flasher from grom_guy on ebay plugs directly in!
Kawasak Ninja 300 2013 2014 Turn Signal Flasher Relay | eBay

If someone is clever, might be able to find out what the flasher is. Although $12 with free shipping is pretty reasonable. Way better than some hacked up resistor mod, or a way expensive black box that you then have to mount someplace!

1. Remove the 4 allen head bolts that hold the headlight in. Be carefull, it may or may not fall when the last one is pulled.
2. remove stock flasher and install this one. Boom! No wires to cut, boxes to attach someplace.
top right black box in this pic:


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^what he said support your vendors.
I have el12 and front flush mount signals works perfect. Advance auto parts carries these.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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