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LED Front Turn Signal Wiring

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I did a little search and I found a lot of good info on this subject. But, I am still a little confused. I thought it might be a good idea to summarize the topic in a how to thread. Let me be clear. I do not know "how-to". That is why I am creating the thread. :big smile:

Below is a picture of what you start with.

Wire Electrical wiring Cable Electrical connector Technology

Top is the LED blinker, RED and BLACK wires. Bottom is the OEM blinker.

The left blinker has GREEN, BLUE and BLUE/WHITE wires.

The right blinker has GREEN, ORANGE and ORANGE/WHITE wires.

The harness on the far right is for a Suzuki GSX. Not sure why I was sent this kit. But, no matter.

I think most doing this conversion will want the lights to work as turn signals and as running lights. I have read of two different relays being used to serve this purpose, the Radio Shack 275-0241 and the Radio Shack 275-0031.

So, I plan to re-use the blue OEM connector wired to a Radio Shack relay wired to the LED Blinker. Which wire connects where?

Thanks for your help,
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Please any help! I'm also trying to use those same led turn signals and can figure out the wiring

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