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Last of my spare parts to paint came in, thanks Babbitt

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got the last of my spare parts from Babbitt Honda, these items are going to be painted or strip of paint and other items are new bearings for my rim. The spare gas tank cover will be painted. Trying to figure out to put some Gold color on the Disc or Sand Blast some design on part of the Disc that the brake pads don't contact.

The rear sprocket hub unit will be striped of the black paint and clear coated, first I have to remove the bearing or maybe not. I don't want to get Jasco stripper in the bearing.

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Your bike is going to look killer.
I hope so, All these parts are going to be phase one,

phase two will mod front forks and rear shock mod, rear swing arm might be replaced with a aluminum swing arm. I still have to figure out how I want the handle bar to be including the mirror setup.

phase three is going to be the 170cc kit, the 4th gear upgrade, maybe a barnett clutch kit if Barnett makes one, and messing with the ECU mods and that will be it.

Than onto the tear down of my 1999 Hayabusa for complete rebuild and blue print and finish off on my 1982 RX-7 transmission overhaul and the restore of my 1971 Honda SL-125. Yep things that go along with a cold beer and beautiful woman.:in love:
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