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Lacoste barcelona build!!

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Hi everybody now that my msx is pretty much done i´m happy to send some pictures from my build.
As i mentioned in my first post. I got in love with the msx because for my business i have to travel many times to Bangkok. First i got in love with the ksr and i was hoping some day will release in Spain but never. Then last year when the msx came out i was shocked wow !! even better than the kawa ksr , the msx is 125 cc, nicer more solid and have clutch. I want to get it !! Then after coming back to my country i checked in the Honda store and they had 3 units . I bought it same day. Lucky i grabbed one . Not available anymore until March.

After buy the Msx i went back again to Bangkok and got so many after market parts to start building it.

Here the list of parts mounted .

Protaper gold contour handlebar.
protaper rise mounts.
Renthal soft moto x grips
Crg Black adjustable folding clutch and break lever
Rizoma tomok Black mirrors
Front and rear led small turning light
Fender eliminator.
Brembo Front and rear caliper set.
Goodridge black and gold brake line.
Racing boy Front and rear disc set.
Izumi gold chain
Works tech gold rear Sprocket
Asia product swing arm down
Ohilns monoshock
Posh engine gold bolts
Kangi racing ducati style clutch cover
kangiracing valve cover gold
kangi racing clutch clip gold.
kangi racing gold break line guide
kangi racing cover key gold
Kangi racing nut open gold
Gtr front fork gold nut cover
N2h gold brake reservoir cover
Custom carbon seat.
Tyga carbon slip on
Tyga under cowlin carbon
Tyga gas tank carbon cover
Tyga headlight cover carbon
tyga under tank cover carbon
N2h rear hugger carbon
N2h front fender carbon
N2h tank side grilles
N2h gas cap carbon sticker
Bikers clutch cable adjuster gold
Michelin power pure tires
Dna performance air filter
Automatic starter with remote control and alarm.
Mossy oak power sport wrap.

Waiting for :
Race tech front springs gand gold valve kit. ( i hate actual front suspension ) FINALLY DONE THANKS SNAKEIBF FOR SETTING THEM UP FOR ME !!!
Scotts steering stabilaizer
Rear set from Bikers.
And upgrade kit. dont know yet if go to yuminashi or takegawa, i will wait for a while that other members with more experience with engines try the new takegawa 143. im very bad on mechanics so i will set up the best quality and easier option. Any advice will be helpful.

Today i installed the under cowling carbon , air filter and the under tank side carbon. I started to wrap the bike with the mossy oak camo , but was to late , i will send pictures tomorrow finished.
thanks for watching .

Best from Spain


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i will take better pictures tomorrow i took them with my phone while i was mounting ... thanks !!
Yes im riding it every day. Barcelona is never too cold too ride in winter time.
Here my msx after wrapping camo mossy oak ! Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Motorcycle Car
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Michelin power pure. Nice to ride when is dry better option than v rubbers stock.
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