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:in love:The new super slim volt meter comes with the low voltage warning, so it will warn you when the battery is wrong.
The digital display is more precise than the traditional meter, and it will be easier for you to notice the problem of the battery in the very beginning. Display range DC6.0~19.9V, Meter size (W X L X H) 56.4 X 27 X 11 mm >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>USD 38 include shipping from Hong Kong with tracking code, paypal accepted Vehicle Car Mode of transport Technology Auto part
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I prefer the Sparkbright...

I prefer the Sparkbright! Much less intrusive and does not flicker as the numbers change constantly. A simple green light while underway is all I need. The Sparkbright is ~$22 USD and a 2 wire install.

I really like the simplicity of Sparkbrights voltmeters as they can be inconspicuous in the mounting. A simple LED to glance at once in a while. I don't care for the array of LED style meters or the digital display as they flicker and change every .1 volts.

I ordered the 5mm Eclipse (auto dims as it gets dark out - very cool).

The LED displays the following as standard:
>15.20 Volts Green/Red Alternating (overvoltage)
>13.20 Volts Green (Charging)
>12.45 Volts Amber (75%)
>12.25 Volts Red Slow Flashing (50% to 75%)
>12.00 Volts Red 2 flashes repeating (25% to 50%)
>11.80 Volts Red 3 flashes repeating (25% to 50%)
>0 Volts Red 4flashes repeating

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I like the idea of a KOSO. It looks nice, but I have not bought one because it only has ONE decimal place. that is not accurate enough for me. When the difference between a good battery, and a bad battery is only 1.0 volt total .... 12.51 versus 12.59 makes a big difference to me.
I also don't like the idea of an idiot light, mainly because someone else set those thresholds.
A color is just a range ... which is 2-3 times less accurate than a single decimal place meter.
Call me anal, but it come from being a battery guy for 20+ years :)
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