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Wanted to see if anyone wanted this before I bother with overseas returns. I managed to find another one of their discontinued (rare) jackets.

Komine JK-082 Slim Fit 2015 model - Black/Ivory(off-white) - Size L

Picture of actual jacket:

This is a Japanese brand that I found out about when I was in Japan browsing around NAPS. They fit me far better than any other brand (slim build). This has real dual type composite armor, not the typical flimsy foam stuff you find in most mesh jackets. Elbow, shoulder, back, and chest armor all included. 3D mesh on inside back area for ventilation. Stretch panels on arms and shoulders for mobility. See pic on manufacturer website for other shots: ???? / ????????Komine Co.,Ltd. / ???,???,?????,????,???,???

Size is L. I'd compare it to a Alpinestars size S. This is a slim fit jacket, sport/race fit, so if you are fat you have no chance fitting in this. If you hate baggy mesh jackets like me, then this is for you.

Size chart is on their site. This is listed at 100cm for chest size. I have a 98cm chest and find it comfortable with chest armor in, but would probably remove chest armor for more airflow on really hot days.

$180+shipping from CT. Have it in a box ready to go.

Note: this looks more white in pics than in person. Off-white is the best I could describe it.
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