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This year Taiwan had another Spring scream event, and as usual I went.
It's a huge party like Woodstock style with people all over the world camping on site next to 5 different stages
offering all kinds of music, but anyway i wanted to share my ride for more info about spring scream go here
???? SPRING SCREAM | April 3-5, 2015 ????????????????????????

I originally looked up the ride on Google maps and its 481km
From Keelung-->Waiao beach-->Yilan-->Hualian-->Taitung-->Pingtung county-->Kenting
Keelung to Yilan I took the highway 2 pretty simple straight shot just following the signs
Loots of speeding cameras on highway 2 Then from Yilan I took the highway 9 to hualian
Lots of super high sea cliffs and switchbacks with big rig trucks driving the fastest of all
passing on blind curves and cutting 80% into your lane on the curve so that they can maintain
there speed what shocks me is how these drivers stay alive I have only been on highway 9 about
10 times but every time I have seen at least 1 car ran off the road from a big rig coming head on at
them in there lane. Here is a pic of that dangerous section, and the most dangerous part of going north to south


In my video you can see I use cars as my shield and better lighting at night.
After Hualian city the rest is an easy ride. From hualian I took the highway 11 which follows the coast
and does not have many speeding cameras and maybe only 1 traffic light for about 150km
there is a small switchback section on the 11 and some tight 1 lane roads that go way into the country side
and connect with the highway 9 that runs through the hualinan/taitung valley I choose to take the 11
because its a straight shot and nearly impossible to get lost and no need for gps just follow the sign plus
you see some great ocean and beach scenery

The highway 9 is also nice but has many lights and
y turns making it more difficult to navigate when you just want to get there without glancing at your gps
every 3 minutes The highway 11 has signs in English all along the way telling you how many KM's to
Taitung. There is 1 cpc gas station right off the highway 11 about 70% down(going south) but its not open
late so this stretch of around 200ish km's got me in trouble. I hads to ask a local at the 7/11 if I could buy some gas

since it was 1230 and the 1 station was not open, I was on blinking last bar and already drove quite a distance with it blinking. The next station wouldn't be until Taitung another 80km's. I left Hualian witrh 4 bars of gas thinking I would have enough or see a gas station soon(and I saw that one CPC) but it wasn't open. I suggest you get gas at the smile station in hualian when you just start the journey,


its the last gas station for a long ways and if you top off you can make it to
Taitung city no problem. the station is in the picture above it is a green and yellow
station called smile and just before the hualian bridge so remember to look at your gas
when crossing the hualian bridge going onto highway 11 if your not 100% full
then you are wrong turn back around and top off at the smile

If you ride about anything You MUST top off here and you will make it to Taitung city no problem
If not you got to pray the one CPC station is open, or be a good Chinese speaker or sherades player
to speak/motion to a Local you need to buy gas, and hopefully some friendly person will help you.
I had to do this the first time, but coming back up I topped off in Taitung city and made it to Hualian no

At the end of the highway 11 it pretty much goes back into the highway 9 so you dont really need to turn
There is another way to go on but that dead ends and you need to take the 9 even if you want to take
the haiirpin route of 198 which is a single lane road with vehicles traveling in both directions its a fun'
road with a really cool beach for camping halway down when it goes back into the 26 but it take a long time
and at night would be super dark (still got my stock grom llight) High-beams Ok though...

So continuing on the 11 into the 9... 5.jpg

This part is very big, long and straight pretty much a 4 lane freeway on the side of the mountain with many
really nice pull over areas and paths down to a beach that appears to gop for miles and miles and be never endiing this beach is rocky with lots of course black sand you can see people camping on the beach in this area a lot and some people have made some dug in holes into the side of a clicff where you can mountain climb up and put a tent up and have a view looking down onto the highway and beach/pacific ocean The sun rises here first in Taiwan so this is the place to see it. A very popular spot the day after new years people want to see the first sun rise of the year after the long 9 freeway type road (but not designated a free way even 50cc's can go on it) the 9 goes right this is the
part you cut across to the west side and pingtung county 4.jpg

Don't take the 26 it will eventually dead end might be cool for sightseeing, not so cool if going to kenting
the 9 starts off easy long and straight but then there is another switchback section and at night again hard
to see and lots of crazy big rig drivers that leak water as if they are trying to get you to highside behind them? LoL

This section I think is not as bad as the yilan to hualian section but still it is pretty dangerous

I didn't see many if any
gas stations here but its not a super long section and if you fill up in Taitung you will make it all the way to Kenting

as soon as you get to the west part of the island its more populated with many stations and shops going along the 26 all the way into kenting town.

When you finish the 9 you come to a Y section or more like a -| anyway if you don't turn left onto the 26(faster way) you will get there anyway and just need to go left when you get to the west side 2.jpg
If you take the highway 1 your going the wrong way and going north towards Koahsiung You want the 26

This is the last strech with lots of pit stop businesses, go carts, bumper boats, hotels, gas stations, human ball courses etc,... this is like one huge amusement highway


there isn't many just 1 or 2 speeding cameras and you see lots of people
eager to test the limits of there brand new lamborgini or ferrari's

If you go any weekend you will see a minimum of about 10-20
ferraris and lamborginis racing around this area all the way to kenting and it is a long fast strech with many long gradual high speed courners you also see lots of big sports bikes going 250kph plus A great place for a grom top speed run LoL During my whole trip I think I got up to maybe 104-105 on a slight downhilll strech in a few areas.

But On a trip like This i started to think,... Whats faster having a 212cc BBK grom going 130kph and making 7-8 gas pit stops or having a bone stock 125cc grom and going mostly 80-90ish and making 3 gas pit stops those 5 mionutes kill your higher speed so maybe smarter is faster slower, more relaxed, safer, with better gas mileage Vs. a 130kph-140kph BBK grom cannonbal run

The total trip was about 480km+- and took me 8 hours when I was going flat out and taking only a pit stop for gas This was at night between 6pm-2am with minimal traffic and many would be stop lights blinking yellow during the night allowing you to go through them. Your results may vary depending on skill and bike. I was going hot into curners on both parts of the 9 and keeping throttle pinned for a good part of the trip 8 hours on a bike with long streches and switchback areas is no joke and takes some endurance I asked people with other bikes but no one had to guts or was just to lazy to try and preffered the high speed rail Total fill ups 3 total spent on gas about 300nt=10usd+-

Cheapest alternative methos Take 2am discount bus from Taipei to Koahsiung city 500nt then in koahsiung take shuttle bus to kenting 300nt+- Alternativbe method 800nt+- = 24usd+-
What I think about alternative method= For lazy people who prefer a boring lifestyle LoL j/k and old people
If you visit another country get out and explore the best way to do that is by motorcycle If you go to another
country just to sit on your @$$ it doesn't really make sense since you can do that at home in your own country.

I did not video tape the ride down but did video tape the ride from kenting back up to hualian The last 2 vids got shot upside down (anyone got an app to flip video 180 degrees or can recommmend an app for that?)
The ride back took a little over 9 hours and I was mostly crusing but there are some highlights, you can see a cat in the middle of the road instead of running away from me running towards me and hitting its head on my footpeg but I did not run over it cat musta got a cuncussion didnt look back just wanted to get home and was tired from the spring scream you can also see a Taiwanese guy drunk?! passed out on the road sidewalk looking lifeless with 1 police officer starring at hime, You can see a mini van get ran off the road with a family missing death by millimeters by a crazy big rig on the highway 9 coming head on into our lane so that he can maintain his trucks speed

Here are the Vids 1-9 The last two still need 180 degree flip editing

For the video footage I used a HD car cam that gets power from the USB (instlled 12v dc +usb port on bike)
I would like to use a go pro but those use batteries not good for 8 hour trips Anyone know of a cam
like go pro that gets its power by USB so you can video tape indeffinitly? Do the new go pros record while
usb charging as to never die? Anything out there like a go pro that uses USB instead of batteries?

(caution: Big rig truck drivers lifes are most important in Taiwan so be aware they do not care about other peoples lifes just there 10000nt or 300usd end of year bonus for making 400 trips that year instead of 360 if they have to kill 10 families to get there bonus they will since after all big rig truck drivers lifes are the most important in Taiwan including the money they make to support there life’s end of caution)

The highlights I caught on video might seem amazing and extreme but for me this is just an average typical road trip Taiwan style. In the future i will post more videos and hope to inspire some in the English speaking community in Taiwan to buy Msx/Grom 125's and join me I still have not yet any English speaking MSX Grom riderrs in Taiwan but know there must be a few and hopefully in the future they will read/find this site and link up with myself.

Please excuse me for not crossing my t's or dotting my i's or other grammatical errors since in free time I enjoy typing freely because I have to proof-read cross my my t's dot my i's m-f 9am-540pm for a living as an English teacher

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Awesome ride. I'm the type of person that would rather ride/drive whenever I go on a trip as well. I feel a great sense of accomplishment. You can use a gopro with usb power to record forever, as long as you have enough memory installed.
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I would like to use a Go pro But no idea how long I could record with one, I like the way they mount gives you a secure perfect recording angle.
I will share my set up. Its a basic carscam car windshield recorder with the mount off. it said it supports up to 32gb micro SD but I installed
a 64gb micro sd and it worked no problem first try even without reformatting the micro SD Card. I wanted to get the 128GB Micro SD card
but it was sold out. The 64GB is good for around 6 hours of 1080p HD recording. I would imagine 128gb would be 12 hours. The cam records
30 minutes about 4.8gb then starts a new file non-stop continuously recording. So 6 hours ends up being 12 files.
I used a wrist band people/joggers etc buy to put money in and cut a hole in it 01012011066.jpg
I realize now i should have cut a hole into it also for the IR LEDS which is probably why my videos
are so dark

Then I stuck the cam inside it and zipped it up 01012011065.jpg


Finally I took part of it and stuck it on my helmet and closed/clamped the visor down on it. My visor has a pretty
strong clamp/amount of pressure so once the visor was closed it wasn't going anywhere even at high speed 99kph
and high winds The only bad thing it was hard to get the viewing angle perfect. and the cam had some movement


Last thing to do was plug into my usb socket on my bike I installed

I like this because its a 12v dc and usb combo for camping I can use the 12v dc for a small 150W ac inverter such as this one,


to power a light or
for a laptop charger etc, and for phone/cam recording I can just plug in direct to usb without needing the AC adapter
It was about 10usd shipped its a cheapo there is a similar one on amazon for about 20usd plus shipping and that one
looks like it has a better 12v dc socket cover, mine in a little flimsy, not tight comes off a little to easy but so far has not come
off during riding even at high speed/wind its also tucked in pretty good I did have to open it up and cut out a blue
LED that was constantly on after I connected it to the power source Its connected straight to the battery, no fuse so this
LED was a constant drain and I just plied it off the circuit board problem solved

The only problem with go pro's are the newer ones all have wireless capabilities which may seem great for most folks
but when black opps or gangsters try to run you down or off the road they bring with them a frequency generator
that outpowers maybe a 50 foot radius of any wifi/bluetooth connectivity devices and also there are ways to hack
and overtake wifi/bluetooth devies automaticly with AI gadgets installed on cars.

So why would people do this? One reason is, if you have a go pro, or any other camera using wifi/bluetooth
when the crazy car or gangster car gets near you it overpowers/shuts down your cams then if they commit a crime
rob you, or crash into you your cams that you think were recording it actually got shot down and didn't record
anything at all. Knowing this I feel kinda annoyed and spoky that everything/ cameras/printers/ are coming with
wifi bluetooth connectivity makes it real easy for the gov/black ops/gangsters/criminals to stop you from
taking pictures of something they don't want you to, get away with a crime/ stop you from printing something
they don't want you to

I do think I will get the newest go pro 4 and disable remove the wifi chip and bluetooth connectivity chip inside it
this is also a must for any counter intelligence company/personal protection company/VIP bodyguard company
Valuable asset protection and transportation company
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