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K&n filter, is this the right one?

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Hey guys I just ordered this filter, I just wanted to double check that it's the right one.

I know it would be better to ask before ordering :D

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Depends on what mod you're doing
Hmm could you explain? As far as I know there are 2 things being done, remove the snorkel that restricts the airflow and mount the K&N airfilter.
The other mod that I have seen is changing the airbox filter?
I am not sure what you mean with the square filter, I have not read or seen anyone doing this? I am reffering to this:
omg i wish my grom can accelerate and pass cars whenever i want, man that video looks like you got nitrous or turbo on it or something, its like pass pass pass pass pass

here i have to line up a car and wait like 10 seconds just to pass it and that sometimes doesnt work because they just accelerate faster then me and my fat ass! and i only weigh 160lbs
I am confused now what video are you talking about? Is it possible you replied to the wrong topic?

Can anyone confirm that i ordered the correct filter please.
Thanks for answering my question

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I dont have access to a dyno test, is There anything else i can put in a video to answer your question?

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I do have a gopro i might be able to record a top speed run before and after the mod. My grom is stock now

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