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Just went 2 up on my Grom

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I just got her home today and went out for a few miles to get used to the bike.

I stopped by the house and my 11 year old daughter (ATGATT) jumped on the back.

1. It is very cramped, I mean VERY for 2 people on the Grom and she is a pre-teen of average size. Not comfortable for either of us.
2. I am 160 pounds 5'8", She is 95 pounds 4'9". The extra weight of the 95 pounds made a HUGE difference in performance. Before while riding alone, it was quite peppy. After she jumped on, it cut the power substantially.

Other than the loss of performance, we had fun. Only rode for about 10 minutes. I can say that since I have my Kawi Versys, that will be the go to bike for 2 up. She has a backrest against the top case and we both have plenty of room and much more power.

She just wanted to try out my new ride so we did. She gave the Grom an excited thumbs up upon returning home.
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That's good to know. My little one is 11 also and she always wants to ride to school. I figure if I can fit her on my ruckus the Grom will feel like a Cadillac lol.
glad my boys are only 5 and 7 ~ 50 pounds... they will do fine!
the Grom means that my next girlfriend must be a size 2, shoot I haven't had much luck with that in the past, damn.....
I aint sayin' the Grom wont pull the weight, I am just sayin' that it can feel the load.
I rode my gf around last night, I'm 5'8 170 she's 5'5 115 and it wasn't as comfortable as I thought I could make it, it was worse than riding two up on a ruck and the seat made it feel like someone was hitting my chode with a hammer

Shes only ridden on the back of a "motorcycle" a couple times so idk if she was scared or maybe the way the bike sat but I feel like she was on my back.. I'm leaning more to her since I had to keep reminding her to relax but either way it was doable for our sizes, not great but expect from something this small
Took my wife for a spin the other day. Biggest complaint was how "cozy" it is with two people on it. But that is not why I bought it.
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