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Just ordered my OEM Gold rims from Tyga

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Just ordered my spare front and rear Gold Grom rims from Tyga and the rear red plastics left/right side and tail piece as spare for a up coming build to make the Red Grom that my daughter have a complete set of RED plastic from front to rear. The Red plastic will be removed to make the Grom Blue when I get the Blue plastic in.

Daugher's Grom will be all Blue with silver rims "black paint removed from stock Grom rims" and stock brake caliper's front/rear will have the black paint removed and hopefully have the rear swing arm either chromed or polished. I have to see how the build will be or I might install the Gold rims on her Grom.

Tyga has about 5 sets of Gold rims
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red plastic rear R/L/T
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thats actuallly very affordable.
Cool, man. Might be the first blue in the Bay Area.
thats actuallly very affordable.

for that price I'm sure it will come with out any bearings or dust seal, I just have to wait and see when I get it.
do they sell a matching cush drive in gold ?
do they sell a matching cush drive in gold ?

Did not see one on their website but I already removed the black paint for a spare cush drive unit that I bought from babbitt and I might paint it Gold and just buy another cush drive unit for my other Grom build.

Dam I'm having so much fun with these Grom builds, but it's keeping me away from practicing music on my ukulele and guitar and studying for my EXTRA license for my Ham Radio hobby.
i swear your collecting enough parts to have 2.9 groms
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