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Jemco Custom Exhaust

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Just got my Grom back from Jemco. have not had a chance to test it out Very much yet, but first impressions har great. Great midrange and more top end.
Be patient and give this guy a month and he will make you a great custom exhaust.
Jon Easton

I am not affiliated with them, I just like cool stuff.


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I am curious why so many bends from the header area instead of making it angled straight toward the muffler. I also think I would prefer it without the cone on the end of it and just make it flat on the end. It's unique for sure. I really want to hear it.
He put bends in there to get the correct length header. He has a formula for building these things, and it seems to have worked for many years. He has been building pipes for motorcycles since like the late 60s. The cone on the end is a reverse megaphone and helps kinda keep the sounds just a lil quieter I believe and helps to build back pressure how he wants to to make the power where he wants it to.
What is this "patience" you speak of? Never heard of it.
Yeah, actually once he has a jig built for them he can probably turn them around in a couple of weeks. This guy has been doing it a long time and you just have to work with him on timing is all. :)
What did he charge you for that?
ShapeShifter, I believe he said he would do them for $250 raw steel which looks really cool and like race hardware, or he will coat it like mine for an extra $75 All plus shipping of course. Its a nice setup in my opinion. I believe the coating is some kind of nickle or something and is inside and out so it protects the pipe from corrosion and rust. This pipe isnt the quietest but it is a really cool custom pipe.
No thank you.

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NO, Thank YOU!
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Give me a little bit and I will get some video with sound up on the forum. I want to do a little testing and tuning once I get a FI controller for it too.
Yeah, I will get some up in the next few days.
It may be slightly longer but it is not bigger around than the stock muffler.
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