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Hi New grom owner

Been riding for 25 years , already own more bikes than i know what to do with and ended up buying a new grom

The story goes, i enjoy smaller bikes have quite a few CT's amongst others and the grom although on the radar was never really on my list of bikes to buy

However down here in australia the government has decided that to keep us all safe that they changed the rules and these bikes must have 2 channel ABS and since it doesnt then they cannot be sold after november so thought maybe its time to buy one

I started ringing around dealers and they were very thin on the ground
a couple of red ones , a few black , a yellow and a couple of silver and that was about it

there was talk of a final shipment coming but dont hold your breath

I didnt mind the yellow , its a nice deep colour
the silver was ok but too much fluoro yellow, the one the dealer had also had rim stickers
Black being a matte im not a fan of
Red , nice
Blue my favourite but nothing left

So the choice was get a new one now or likely miss out

I never rode one at all , did some online research

Decided for first time in my life i could buy myself a brand spanking new bike for 4 grand and change 'and have a little fun
with mods and working on it

the issue atm is that im in the middle of building a new house so no time or space to keep or use a new bike
so took it without registration

So in the mean time its away in a storage unit waiting for the time and some parts before i get out on it

Im quite surprised at the quality of the bike for the money
gear indicator
fuel gauge

and the short ride around the carpark was nice and easy

the first obvious change is that rear fender
and exhaust , time for a high mount
reflectors have to go
mickey mouse mirrors
possible dive into some suspension

in the mean time the final shipment did arrive and i did put a deposit on a blue one and put this one up for sale but of course all
the idiots have come out of the woodwork , so will either keep this one or potentially just get the blue one anyway and keep trying to sell it once there is no groms left

the other option which i found out the day before the blue one arrived is i can get the blue parts for $200 , but on the flipside
im now twisting towards getting either some white SP panels as you cannot get that colour here or some of the aftermarket panels for something a bit different

I dont think ive ever been this excited about a bike and looking forward to the adventure

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Update , sold and blue one on the way :)
On the plus side the red one went to a new rider as a first bike
As he lives in the city and needing to get around town so should be perfect

Hope he gets a lot of fun from it

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and then there was another one

facebook marketplace came up with the goods

not a lot of known details of it
Takegawa BBK
Arrow exhaust

it was cheap enough

its a little untidy but will be a fun bike to use
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How much did you pick up the SF for?

No oil cooler fitted to that 181cc Takegawa?

What fuel controller does it have?
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