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Fading. This Grom thing seems to be gaining momentum. While I was teaching this weekend a few people stopped by the range. They weren't together but on three separate occasions people stopped stood next to the range and waited to ask if they could get a closer look at the Grom . They were driving by, saw me riding it and stopped.

Every time I run an errand on the Grom I get questions and conversations. People seems to be very interested.

I hope Honda gets the hint.

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I ride mine in to work a lot as well and park it out front, it gets more attention than any of the other models by a long shot. The part I like though, nobody can look at it or sit on it without smiling from ear to ear.

Everytime I stop when I'm out riding I get at least 1-2 people asking me about it.

I think we all know Honda themselves know they have a huge hit on their hands. They are about making money so I don't see them sitting aside and letting all this hype go by without capitalizing on it.
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