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Integrated Tail Light Quick Disconnect for Track Day

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I wanted an easy way to remove my integrated tail light without removing body panels. The OEM connector for the tail light and brake light is attached to a tab on the right side of the bike under the Body Cover / Tail Cover. You have to disconnect this connector and replace the old tail light and wiring harness with the new tail light and wiring harness. Some might be able to disconnect the connector without removing this panel. And, I might be able to now after seeing the connector. But, I thought this set-up would make it easier. By the way, you have to remove the left and right Shroud panels to remove the Body Cover / Tail Cover.

So, the Grom with panels removed:
Automotive tire Vehicle Motorcycle Tire Motor vehicle

And, on the right side, you will see this.
Auto part Vehicle Car Engine Wire
The black 3 pin connector with the grey wire leading to it is the for the tail light, Black, Green and Green - Yellow wires. The white connector, which is disconnected because I have previously removed the rear turn signals along with the tail, is for the turn signals and license plate light. This is a 4 pin connector, Green (Ground), Yellow (License Light), Light Blue (Right Rear Turn Signal) and Orange (Left Rear Turn Signal)

I will not be removing my license plate light. So, I hard wired the yellow and green wires to the wires provided with my license plate kit.

I have 5 wires remaining. So, I bought this off ebay.

5 Pin Waterproof Connector 5 Way Connector Car Truck Boat ATV UTV RV | eBay

You get a bag full of parts. And, if you have not put one together before it will take a bit of thought to figure it out. At least it took me a little while.

So, using the 5 pin connector, my harness from my integrated tail light looks like this.
Wire Cable Electronics Technology Electronic device
Lineman's pliers Tool Wire
On the female side of the connector, all three wires from the Brake / Tail light and the two wires from the turn signals, Light Blue and Orange were connected. Now, to remove my tail light, I just remove the seat, remove the nuts on the tail light bolts and disconnect the 5 pin connector.
Auto part Vehicle Automotive exterior Bumper Car
The new harness installed.

It works pretty well but some lessons learned. I would use separate connectors, a 3 pin for the Brake / Tail Light and a 2 pin for the Turn Signal wires. The 5 pin connector is kind of bulky and does not fit well in the area forward of the black metal wire clip. And, the Light Blue and Orange wires from the Turn signals are not long enough to go aft of the black metal wire clip (with out a splice.) So, a 3 pin connector would fit nicely aft of the black metal wire clip and a 2 pin connector would fit nicely forward of the black metal wire clip.

Also, I left too much slack in my harness. I need to get rid of that bend.

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Good write-up!!!

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