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Importing a Grom

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Hello, I'm a lurker that finally made an account to ask an odd question.

I'm in the US military and stationed in Japan. The fortuitous exchange rate means that I can get a Grom off of the showroom floor for ~$2750 before taxes. My question concerns the EPA and DOT as pertains to import and registration. Since the bike was made after 1977 and is less than 25 years old it is required to conform to all US requirements before it can be registered. Through my digging the only difference in international models I could find is the headlight, which I doubt a DMV will even notice.

I bow to your expert knowledge: Does anyone know if there are any other differences, most specifically in terms of emissions?
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Can't you buy it thur like the military Exchange/store, when I was in the Navy we could buy motorcycle thur the Navy Exchange and ship it back to the USA. Might be able to go to anyone of the Military base over there and see what they have for military buying program. Good Luck
No dice on the Exchange, they only deal with Harleys ("American" manufacturers only).
If it is just a matter of price, you can buy one here for about that. I paid 2800+ tax and doc equaling 3250 here. Now if you are trying to get it to ride while you're over there, that is a different matter altogether.
I would buy one over there ship it back as house hold goods and try to DMV it over here, if not use it as a race bike. We had one of our shipmate bring his motorcycle back from PI on board our ship the USS John S McCain DDG36, he had to grease the shit on the metal body parts and tied it to a section of the ship that the Capt allowed. I bought all my stereo gear "Sansui system with speakers" from Yokosuka Japan Naval Exchange", Good Luck on your choice
Does anyone know if there are any other differences, most specifically in terms of emissions?
US Groms have the charcoal canister that Euro MSX / Groms don't have, don't know about the Japanese version...

Don't know if Japanese MSX has a switchable KMH / MPH speedo and if it's a requirement in the US.

Might be more simple to find a cheap second hand one, ride it and sale it when you leave. Buy a GROM in the states when you're back.
Buy a Japan-only antique Honda, ride that while you're there, bring it back and sell it. Use the profit to purchase a Grom. I think getting a non-US Grom registered stateside with a Japanese title is going to be a no-go.
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use vermont, get title if you can. take bike apart, send over as parts. However, a JDM grom probably isnt anything that special. I agree, get an NSR400 or TZR 250 or TDR250 while you are there, and have that shipped over. those here bring 8-15k used market.
That's a much better idea! Saw an original CBR250RR, the 19K RPM one go for 15000€ a few weeks ago!
Yeah, I've had my eye out for some older bikes, too. There was a nice 88' ZX4 that got snapped up before I had a chance at it.

The whole idea is that I want a bike that I can invest some time into.
Was there ever a solid answer to this? I'm debating doing the same, I'm currently in Okinawa Japan
What's the grom scene like in Japan? They modding them as hard as we do in the states?
Out here they have a sit down scooter class for racing particularly here in Okinawa I haven't seen too much bigger bike action on regular roadways but you see smaller scooters grom type bikes and dual sports all over as the roads are pretty narrow. My assumption is I'll find some local grom type groups here and I assume Japan is just like the states
grom type bikes
*Ahem* Mini motorcycles :)

Interesting about the narrow roads. Are the roads on the main island narrow too, I wonder?
Well Oki to Japan is essentially Hawaii to the US, it has its own culture and way of life. much more small town Island oriented from what I've seen with the occasional "big city" and a lot of open land as well (very green and baby blue beaches everywhere) I assume mainland has much more space and diverse areas, I'll let you know for sure next year when I take my first trip up that way ?

Back on topic though lol hopefully someone can chime in as I messaged Honda before posting here and still haven't gotten a response
Back on topic though lol hopefully someone can chime in as I messaged Honda before posting here and still haven't gotten a response
Any update on this? I bought a MSX in Korea and want to bring it back to Hawaii. I also messaged Honda and am waiting for a response.
Buy a KSR110 and all the parts you can......... anything 2 stroke and big cc is killer

This is a friend of mine that can get bikes imported.....

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I’m looking into doing this as well. I’ll let you know what I find. Right now Honda only gives compliance letters for Canadians bikes. For the military people stationed in Japan, send me a PM and I’ll send you some paperwork for household goods shipment
all usaf soldiers i met had sell their cars in italy prior to back home... even who took his pontiac ended to sell it locally due to cost of re importing it in the USA vs vehicle value

its a lot of paper and waste of money for a cheap bike.. i wouldnt suffer such pain for less of 15000€ value vehicle
Here I am years later trying to figure out what is required.
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