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I have $600 bucks burning a hole

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I need better acceleration. I have a mnnthbx exhaust. I dont wanna get a lightened flywheel until i can make sure a weighted flywheel wouldnt be better for accel since i weigh 350. What should i buy?
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Weighted fly wheel will hurt excelleration. I've used them on all my 250 2 stroke dirt bikes because it let's them lug at idle better. By adding weight to the rotating assembly it's harder to stall... but the trade off is it picks up revs slower. I would not recommend at all using a weighted fly wheel on a grom. Just my 2 cents.
A light fly is going to give you inconsistent top end when fighting wind though :edit: sorry I misread the previous posts, a weighted fly could be beneficial at holding speed, at 350 you're probably not a needle in the wind

a good tuner setup though will always be a smart purchase, you can't do anything in the power department without one, even tuned with what you have you'll see an improvement
That was my first thought, I am also gonna get a chimera intake, i just didnt know if anyone had a tried and true conglomeration of parts that made the bike that much more amazing
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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