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Cost per hp? Hard to say when the motor only has a few hp to start with. Ive only ridden a few miles on it so far. But with the 14t sprocket and the flywheel, 4th gear is an all around town gear now. It pulls from about 4k rpm up now

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So with the 14T counter sprocket did it do the same with out the lighter fly wheel or are we saying the lighter fly wheel it started pulling at 4K.

Baseline should be started from stock form than slow changes made than documented, than a change should be made such as 14T counter sprocket than document the speed/pull change from 4K rpm or what ever baseline than any other change or modification made after that and see what the result changes on speed/pull/etc.

Baseline is very important so is real video is good to show proof, other factor to take into account is air temperature/etc, tire size, weight of a rider, etc.

Example I notice that my 1999 Hayabusa with everything in stock form will pull harder during the fall/winter time due to the colder denser air vers the Summer time. So my baseline is stock Hayabusa, same weight rider "me" so as far as I know if I start adding performance stuff my HP/speed should go up but also my document improvement should also show air temp/ elevation level etc.

Just a little heads up for information gathering.

We all know that weight is the enemy of speed, but sometimes weight does help esp if you are doing a speed run in the desert "Salt Flats" because weight does help in traction.

just for off the record video

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