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How likely to get pulled over with Two Brothers exhaust?????

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Hello. I just picked up a black Grom over the weekend and am looking at replacing the exhaust with a Two Brothers full system. I have seen the videos of the exhaust on You Tube but it is hard to actually tell how loud they are. I am looking for input from anyone that has the TBR system and if they think this system is loud to the point of being pulled over by the police for the sound. Thanks. BTW I dont think I have had this much fun in a while!!
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Interesting question. Thing is, it is almost entirely a local issue. Texas has no limit on the noise from mufflers, but that is not quite as good as it sounds. What it means is that the police can decide what they feel is too loud. Actually that is still ok as it turns out, cause I know a lot of motorcycle people and far as I know, nobody has ever gotten a ticket for loud pipes. I would just ask around your area. Call a motorcycle club and ask your question. It's going to be like speeding on the highway. If you are a lone wolf out on the highway going 80 mph in a 70, you might get stopped. If you are in among many other people and all of you going 80 mph, nobody gets stopped. In other words, don't be the only one around with a loud pipe and you will probably be OK.
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