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Houston Area Back Road Grom Romp: Sunday September 22nd

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Weather permitting, I want to get some Groms together and ride the Sam Houston National Forest/3090 to Yankee's Tavern for a burger next Sunday. May even snap some photos of a Grom or two hitting the curves on 3090! We will be some of the first if not the first Groms to hit 3090...will be the first with photos for sure!:wink:
We can determine an actual meet spot but somewhere near Wilowbrook mall makes sense.

Who is in?
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Sounds like fun. SassyChassis and I would be up for it.
I plan on shredding some tires on this one. Gotta get SassyChassis' tires installed this week.

I can't wait!

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Oh shit. Gotta drag my leathers out and see if I can still fit my chubby ass in them! This is gonna be badass!
The Thirsty Parrot Bar & Grill
13200 Fm 359 Rd, Hempstead, TX 77445

This would be the meet location.

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It's on! Somehow the leathers still fit. They still bear the marks of my last crash but are good to go.

Would you laugh if you saw this ripping up the twisties???


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West side, Richmond, stafford and Sugarland folks meeting at Shipley Donuts on SW corner of I-10 & Fry Road. Garrett, SassyChassis and myself will be there for the ride north to meet Blanco.

We need to leave the parking lot at 8:45 sharp to make it by 9:30. Then the fun really starts.

Gonna be a good ride tomorrow!
Thanks for the offer, but my weekend was just too busy to sneak away. Hopefully I can make the next one. Did y'all get any pics from the ride?

Hopefully the other riders will post up pics and vids when they can.

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