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Hotbodies undertail fender eliminator kit

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Hey guys, a quick question and a heads up. I just installed this kit and the tag light doesn't light up. I can connect the light directly to the battery and it will light up. I noticed I'm only getting 7.4 volts to the tag light and I'm figuring it doesn't have enough voltage to light it up. Just wanted to let people know this and to see if anyone is having a similar issue and what would be the fix. Also the installation video says that the tag light has only one wire that is hot but mine had two. One ground and one hot. I know the LED is good because I can connect it to the blinkers and it will blink. I'm thinking it needs a minimum voltage before it will light up. I get 12v on the blinkers but only 7.4 for the tag light.
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Did you turn on the Grom? Tag only lights up when engine is running.
thanks for this post. i didn't realize it only came on when the engine is running. i was gonna worry about it in 2 yrs when my safety check is due.. but thanks now i know where to hook up my accent lights project.

every bike i owned the light always turned on with jus the key
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