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This kit looks amazing once installed. I was pretty set on getting a fender eliminator that had separate turn signals from the brake light. I know for many drivers turn signals can be easily overlooked in an integrated tail light. The only concern I have with this is that, because the turn signals are recessed under the tail, some taller vehicles might have trouble seeing them if they are too close. I don't think this will be a huge issue though. Another great selling point for this kit is that it comes with a license plate LED! Some states don't require it, but it's still nice to have and you don't have to wire it if you don't want it.
I haven't had this thing on the bike long, so I can't say over time if it will wear down or anything, but I don't see that being a problem. People seem to complain about how cheap and fragile it is. I haven't had any issues with it. As long as you aren't careless with it during the install then you have nothing to worry about.
I think it is important to know that with this kit and many others you will have to do some wiring. If you have a general understanding of wiring, this should be no issue. The kit does come with some quick connectors for the wires, but I chose to keep everything clean with solder and bullet connectors. Keep in mind that you have to fit the wiring in the tail somewhere, so it is best to keep the wiring as compact as possible.
The positive and negative wires running to my license plate light were reversed, but that wasn't an issue once I figured that out. Just had to flip-flop the wires. (Keep in mind that your license plate light does not light up unless the bike is running.)
I recommend buying additional hardware for mounting everything from your local hardware store. It comes with two screws with nylock nuts, but you will need washers to mount it safely. You will also need bolts to mount your license plate. The license plate mount on this thing is kind of screwy. It's difficult to get in there and you have to install your plates before you attach the kit to the bike. I recommend using a hex head screw, putting it through the holes, and fastening it with nylock screws. Once you get the screws in there, it will save you some headache in the end.
Connect the wiring and test everything before you button it up. You will notice your turn signals will not flash, but stay on. This is okay! You didn't do anything wrong. You will need to get a more sensitive relay to install because the LEDs don't draw as much juice as the stock bulbs so they don't trip the stock relay. A 552 relay will do the trick and you can get one that plugs in just like the stock one. (It is installed behind the front headlight.)
If you are a practical do it yourselfer this will be an easy job to tackle. I love the kit. It looks great and functions well.

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Nice write up. I was just searching for one for myself, was just gonna make one but there are so many fender eliminators now it crazy. have a look at the real carbon fiber and CNC aluminum fender eliminator that's also a license plate hide gadget from its pretty cool
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