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Horn modification

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So I hated the way the horn hung down below the headlight and wanted to clean it up. So here how to make a slick horn mod with no extras. When you look at the Horn mount on the back of the lower fork clamp it has a 10 mm hex head , take that loose( put a rag on your front fender so you don't get any scratches ).Now unscrew the nut on the back of the horn itself ,take that bracket and toss it. Now follow the wires for the horn to the front part of the lower fork clamp,there you will find a 6mm bolt with a 8 mm head( I used an open end wrench between the fork and headlight housing)take that bolt out and press the tabs on either side of the plastic clip that is attached to the bracket you just loosened up by removing that 6 mm bolt . Now that little bracket is the key, I used my vice and set it in the jaws on it side so it looked like a v facing up and proceeded to close the vice untill it was flat. Then you take the 6 mm bolt and the flattened bracket ,when you install it ( I did it from the right side) face the bracket so the lower L shape piece with the larger of the two holes facing the center of the bike. Install the 6 mm bolt through the bracket and into the front part of the lower fork clamp.Then install the horn onto the bracket you will see that it fits very nicely into the backside of the lower headlight housing without effecting the tone or volume of the horn. It looks super clean and I was stoked to figure it out. I have pics but not sure how to post them
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I enjoyed your suggestion however I couldn't follow it for shit. Once you're able to put pictures in I think it would help if you number steps as well. I'm going to look into this tomorrow!
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Go look at your bike it will be very evident....
Im not following you, even after looking at my Grom and your photo is not showing up.
I will send the pics to anyone that can help me to post them, I really wanted to get them up to clear up the confusion. Help me ,help you.....
OK guys I gave him my email and I will try to post for him but I am going to go hit the canyons on my Grom this morning so it might be a while.
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Have fun. ^^^ sincerely, one jealous sob.

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OK well the ride was great except for getting stung in the face by a bee. Whatever. I love my Grom.

OK Dan and I are still trying to post these photos but we are both computer 'tards.

Be patient with us.
OK we might actually figure this out. He is still sending photos but I will post what I have.

Auto part Automotive lighting Vehicle Rim Wheel

Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive lighting Car Auto part
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Automotive lighting Auto part

Motor vehicle Tire Automotive tire Vehicle Auto part

OK Dan, did I miss any?
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Do you know I hadn't even noticed the horn till you posted this up.....
Now I can't take my eyes of it.
Defo going to do this mod.

Cheers Dog
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They're all thumbnails... I kind of get the idea though.
Yes they are all up but a little jumbled, either way if you read the first post and have a couple of box wrenches you can knock it out in ten minutes. Thanks to RW for helping me get them up
Right on Grom Pilot! Thank you sir!
I just want to contribute to gromagedon :eagerness:
Cool mod!! If you follow the pics, the folks with a red Grom will have a Black one when they finish!

rkwfxd, Are you seeing this????
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